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We need you! Are you a religious leader who would like to help FOR-US as a member of the coalition? Are you looking to volunteer and help get more religious leaders and congregations involved? Please fill out the form below and let us know how you would like to help.

*United through Religious Freedom*

We are a diverse group! The coaltion members who have chosen to work with Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) may have differing views in other areas, but they all agree that the protection of religious freedom is necessary. Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) does not condone hate speech of any kind, nor disparaging of any religions.

Help Our Cause

Your generous donation will help us connect with religious leaders and provide speaking opportunities throughout the nation. Donations will be used for the following purposes:  

  • Outreach - speaking with potential new coalition members 
  • Education - educating the public on religious freedom. 
  • Speaking opportunities - donations will help provide opportunities for religious leaders who wish to speak publicly (events, rallies, panels, or with other congregations) on the topic of preserving the religious vaccine exemption. 

*Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US)  has 501c3 tax exempt status. As such,  donations are tax deductible. Donors can deduct contributions made under IRC Section 170. Donations cannot be refunded. 

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