What is FOR-US?

 “America was founded to be a beacon of liberty, particularly religious liberty. 

The framers of our Constitution sought to preserve religious liberty to such an extent that they made it the first right protected in the Bill of Rights.” ~ Edwin Meese 

Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) is an organization working with a multi-faith coalition of religious leaders who will stand together in unity against religious discrimination, and proudly protect the religious rights to opt out of a liability-free, pharmaceutical product. Our goal at FOR-US is to educate the public to protect the religious exemption and help you reclaim your religious freedom. 


Why do we need Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US)?

Under Federal Laws, "religious practices" are defined by law to include moral or ethical beliefs about what is right and wrong that are sincerely held with the strength of traditional views." - 29 C.F.R. §1605.1

After Edward Jenner developed the first immunization in 1796, he faced a backlash by clergy members who argued that vaccination acted against “God's will.” Since then, religious concerns about vaccines have persisted in many parts of the world.

Today we are currently experiencing an attack on our constitutionally reflected rights to religious liberty and the freedom to decline a pharmaceutical product that has zero liability. 

There is a concerted, nationwide effort by U.S. government officials to remove religious exemptions from state laws, limiting the choice to opt out of vaccinations. As a result, children are being forced to leave public and private schools across the nation. 

It is time we take a stand and 

restore our religious rights.


What are our goals?

  • Outreach - Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) is connecting with churches, temples, mosques, and other religious establishments across the nation in an effort to educate congregations on the importance of the religious exemption.

  • Coalition building - Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) is focused on building a nationwide coalition of religious leaders who will boldly stand to protect religious liberties and help to create new legislation allowing for the freedom to opt out of a liability-free, pharmaceutical product. 

  • Information  - For the purpose of educating the masses, Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) aims at providing the most up to date information and educational documents regarding religious views on vaccination.


Who is FOR-US?

Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) was created to protect and restore religious freedom, and preserve the religious vaccine exemption as an effort to  keep children in school. 

The coalition members working with FOR-US are people of many faiths who agree that vaccine mandates, without the choice of opting out for religious purposes, are an infringement on our constitutional and religious rights.  

Help Our Cause

Your generous donation will help us connect with religious leaders and provide speaking opportunities throughout the nation. Donations will be used for the following purposes:  

  • Outreach - speaking with potential new coalition members 
  • Education - educating the public on religious freedom. 
  • Speaking opportunities - donations will help provide opportunities for religious leaders who wish to speak publicly (events, rallies, panels, or with other congregations) on the topic of preserving the religious vaccine exemption. 

*Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US)  has 501c3 tax exempt status. As such,  donations are tax deductible. Donors can deduct contributions made under IRC Section 170. Donations cannot be refunded. 

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